Work and career for sassy and savvy chicks

Work and Career

sassy and savvy corporate club is about women in business who know women and understand how women like to work and do business. This is an exciting new opportunity for women in business, those who work for others and those who would like to be in business.

sassy and savvy is no ordinary corporate club- it acknowledges that women have different demands in their lives, and business and understands what they are!

sassy and savvy corporate club is for women to network and promote themselves amongst others who are entrepreneurial thinkers, to enjoy others who share a like-minded inspirational attitude towards themselves as women, the community they influence, and their role as part of a more conscious business world- if you believe you are here to make a difference, then surround yourself with others like yourself- and reap the rewards you deserve.

sassy and savvy corporate club offers a variety of events and occasions, that will keep you inspired, in love with what you are doing, or will provide the insight, courage and guidance to do something completely different. We will find relevant,interesting business tips. we know how important it is to be around others who will inspire you with their accomplishments. Our articles will be written by an exceptional coach who will offer effective marketing ideas, strategic actions, and the insight and experience of a professional. Every event you attend means you have the opportunity to grow your sales and promote your business through others-

sassy and savvy corporate club will showcase extraordinary achievements, by offering a platform monthly for you to showcase your business, will host an awards ceremony-and an annual conference to prosper your business. We will always work to accommodate you, your needs and offer plenty of variety in our planning- making every occasion a little special and something to look forward to, we are excited- how about you!