Saturday, February 6, 2010

Welcome if you're sassy and savvy

Sassy and savvy chicks is an idea I have had for a long time- I would like the content we post on sassy and savvy chicks to make you laugh, inform and inspire you and sometimes make you cry!

It's for chicks (no boys) because we juggle different responsibilities, face other challenges and enjoy different natures to our guys- we do business, see trials and tribulations differently and have expectations that are quite individual.

In my role as a woman I have been a wife, daughter, company director and cleaned houses for money necessary to survive when I found myself single and raising four sons. I am a friend, confidante, business woman, philanthropist and an author.

You will see there are pages each relating to different aspect of our lives- please contribute, tell your friends and look for help from others.

I'm a sassy and savvy chick and hope you find Sassy and savvy chicks an exciting place to visit, contribute and enjoy.

Our first sassy and savvy chick of the month is Shar Graham. Shar has turned a tragedy into a cause, her mission to leave a legacy in remembrance of her son Davo.....